Bill Bivin Award

Bill Bivin was the Executive Director of the Bethel Native Corporation during the late 80’s and 90’s. He had just become Chairman of the Board of the State Chamber of Commerce when he was killed in a plane crash in 1993. Bill was a very active member of the Bethel Chamber of Commerce. He was a very effective leader and promoted small business. It is in his honor that we make an award each year to a local citizen for their contribution to our community. The Bill Bivin Award is presented to an individual who exemplies a citizen through volunteer work that is most significant to the community.


Bill Bivin Award Winners

2011 Reyne Athanas

2010 Sam Shields

2009 Stan Corps

2008 Kevin Murphy

2007 John Malone

2006 Bruce Perry

2005 Gary Samuelson

2004 Peter Atchak

2003 Susan Taylor

2002 Linda Curda

2001 Janet Athanans

2000 Ken Eggleston

1999 Denny Strom

1998 Beverly Hoffman

1997 David Trantham

1996 Allen Auxier

1995 Harold Spark

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